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Public Workshops are no longer available

About the Workshops

The basic aim of a Treaty workshop is to provide an environment for people to address the Treaty and its implications in a safe, non-confrontational, participatory process. See a full list of Treaty of Waitangi Workshop objectives

Treaty of Waitangi Workshop (two days)

One purpose of the workshop is to deal with the Treaty issues which people bring into the group. Within this framework, general areas covered include:

  • Cultural identity; honouring our stories
  • Global Colonisation
  • Origins of New Zealand settlement
  • Pre-Treaty New Zealand history
  • Treaty of Waitangi
  • Post-Treaty legislation
  • Assimilation; consequences of colonisation
  • Sovereignty issues
  • Waitangi Tribunal and settlements
  • Contemporary Treaty issues; implications and models for the future

A copy of Healing our History: The Challenge of the Treaty of Waitangi by Robert Consedine and Joanna Consedine, a resource book of handouts and a certificate will be provided to each participant at all workshops.

This workshop is normally the basis for further workshops in more specialised areas.

Further information is available for businesses, organisations and groups by contacting us

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Waitangi Associates 

Waitangi Associates