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Welcome to Waitangi Associates

Based in Aotearoa New Zealand, we are committed to raising awareness about the Treaty of Waitangi, indigenous rights, racism, colonisation and their implications for all people. We do this primarily by providing educational workshops.

Since 1991 we have worked in over 200 New Zealand organisations in health, education, justice, environment, conservation, government departments, private businesses, tertiary institutions, trade unions, churches and community groups. More than 50,000 people have attended our workshops.

From 1996 we ran training for trainers sessions in Canada, where the New Zealand workshop model has been adapted. In 2010, Robert was invited by the Committee for Perth to introduce and lead a "Healing Our History" workshop in Western Australia.

Please note that Robert is no longer running workshops and public workshops are not available from Waitangi Associates. For other workshop facilitators, see Workshops.

White Privilege - The Hidden Benefits
In response to significant public interest and many requests for Chapter Ten of the updated version of Healing Our History - The Challenge of the Treaty of Waitangi, Robert has decided to offer White Privilege - The Hidden Benefits as as a separate paper.

Alternatively, view the Mana Magazine Article, White Privilege: The Hidden Benefits
(scanned with permission from Mana Magazine).

Read other resources and papers

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2012 Updated Edition
More than 20,000
copies in print

Healing our History - updated edition

Michael King, historian: This is one of those books that New Zealand needs.
Details and order form
Also available as an e-book

Healing our History - 2012 Updated Edition
The updated best selling book from Robert and Joanna Consedine.   
See what leading New Zealanders are saying
Printable brochure and order form.

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Contact Details

email: Robert Consedine


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Waitangi Associates 

Waitangi Associates