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Waitangi Associates 

Objectives of Treaty of Waitangi Workshops

The objectives of Treaty of Waitangi Workshops are as follows:

That as a participant you will:

  • Realise that the Treaty is the fundamental relationship between Māori and the Crown
  • Develop your own personal opinion; be aware of why you hold it; be open to developing insights
  • Be able to approach issues emanating from the Treaty of Waitangi with confidence
  • Understand the colonisation of New Zealand in a historical and global context and be able to use this as a framework for developing an informed perspective on Treaty issues
  • Be able to make connections between contemporary Treaty issues and historical events personal, national and international
  • Deepen your understanding of the impact of the economy and policies on Treaty issues and personal well-being
  • Develop a level of critical analysis of public debate, including assertions by politicians and the media, concerning the Treaty
  • Be aware of the effect that culture and racism (personal, cultural and institutional) has on self and others
  • Be open to exploring creative alternatives to current issues at both a personal and institutional level
  • Be able to recognise that the Treaty debate is an enriching process for New Zealand with the potential to create a stronger, more mature, united society
  • Nurture a Treaty consciousness into your ongoing journey through life

Further information is available for businesses, organisations and groups by by contacting us

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Waitangi Associates 

Waitangi Associates