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Waitangi Associates 

Historical Context | Services Offered | Resources | Programme

Historical Context:

Waitangi Associates was founded in the belief that Pakeha need to understand and take responsibility for their own colonial history and for honouring the Treaty of Waitangi. The workshop processes are predicated on the belief that, until Pakeha understand the Treaty and take responsibility for their own learning, the Treaty cannot be honoured. The workshop leaders are Pakeha from varied cultural heritages, who network in the Māori community and enjoy professional relationships with specialised Māori Treaty workers.

The experience of professional Pakeha and Māori treaty workers during the last twenty years has demonstrated that initially this work needs to be provided in a parallel process which enables Pakeha and Māori to work through, what are often painful issues, in a culturally safe environment. Pakeha and Māori need to do their own work before coming together.

The guiding principles for Waitangi Associates are to make Treaty workshops available to all New Zealanders and for the process to be affordable to everyone regardless of income.

The business began in September 1991 with its origins in Project Waitangi, which Robert co founded in 1986 in Christchurch. The owners are Robert and Trish Consedine.

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Services Offered:

    • Treaty of Waitangi Workshop – (two days)

Workshops Details

Client Sectors:

    • Health Sector (30)
    • Education Sector (45)
    • Government Sector (32)
    • Local Government (13)
    • Crown Research Institutes (4)
    • Community Organisations (44)

Comments from participants

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  • Around 2000 books on NZ History/Treaty of Waitangi/Contemporary/Global Issues
  • New Zealand Journals of History 1968-
  • New Zealand Heritage Volumes 1 - 21
  • Waitangi Tribunal Reports - All published Research and Reports on Claims to date
  • Compilations of Articles - more than 1200 indexed articles on Treaty of Waitangi New Zealand History issues


    • Audio Tapes on Treaty issues - 30
    • DVD/Video Clips: More than 100 originals

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The primary focus of the business has been the delivery of a two-day Treaty workshop. Each Treaty workshop is structured to the needs of the participants within a general framework which covers all the background and implications of the Treaty of Waitangi. In addition, it then provides an emphasis on the particular specialty of the group e.g. health professionals focusing on health issues, or educators looking at education issues.

A typical two-day workshop generates more than sixty questions, covers more than fifteen major themes and each participant is resourced with significant handouts. These same handouts are also made available to Māori staff attending their own Treaty workshops.

Waitangi Associates Workshop Leaders have a network of specialist support in the Māori and Pakeha community. All workers are involved in ongoing research and training. Our team of highly competent people has a range of experience in leading Treaty workshops over the last 20 years and this has enabled Waitangi Associates to deliver the workshop process simultaneously to large numbers of students in the Tertiary sector.

Over the years the business has been supported at very significant levels by a number of people in their own areas of specialty or, as individuals willing to support the way in which Waitangi Associates functions. We are deeply appreciative to these people.

Robert and Trish Consedine

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Waitangi Associates 

Waitangi Associates